Witchy Oopsie Lucky Pack
Witchy Oopsie Lucky Pack
Witchy Oopsie Lucky Pack

Witchy Oopsie Lucky Pack

Everyone loves a good ENAMEL PIN SECONDS SALE! 

** Contains both 'Witch Familiar' AND 'Witchy Cats & Friends' Collections!**

'Oopsie' pins need some love too! Each lucky bag each contains 3, B-Grade original Unicorn Paper pins at a highly reduced rate!

All of these seconds pins have little "Oopsies" and come with minor imperfections (hence the reduced price). But they are all still totally wearable or giftable! So if you’re looking to up your pin game for a bargain, you’re in the right place!

Some of the imperfections may or may not include:

  •  Specs of dust or other color/glitter
  •  Under filled enamel
  •  Over polishing (making letters or lines thicker on side than the other)
  •  Dents/scratches in the enamel or metal
  •  Overfilled enamel
  •  Small area filled with the wrong color
  •  Air bubbles in enamel
  •  Plating not smooth

You can read more about the grading policy on the FAQ page!

P L E A S E  N O T E & R E A D  C A R E F U L L Y:

The pin selections are random, because that's the fun part right? This particular set includes Witchy Cat Pins & Witch Familiar Pins (including long-sold out styles!)

All designs are PRE-BAGGED (I can't see what's in them). I cannot fulfill requests for specific pins, specific flaws (or excluding specific pins). Please do not leave me notes with choices because I will not be able to fulfill them!

Because of the individual nature of the flaws I can’t include a picture of the flawed pins. Keep in mind when you buy a seconds pin that it’s not necessarily limited to one flaw either!

All lucky bags contain 3 random pins, but no duplicates.

IF you buy multiple lucky bags, it is possible you may receive a duplicate! PLEASE BE AWARE of this possibility! There are a LOT of pin styles though so the variety should be great!

Due to the nature of this sale, all B-grade pins are final sale and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded!


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